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exoSwap Beta Progress Update

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Hello Exolites, 

We wanted to reach out to provide you all an update with the launch of our exoSwap Beta! 

Here is a update about on whats been going on at this early stage of the beta. We have been in beta now for about 5 weeks since launching exoSwap, our simple, secure solution for swapping & bridging assets cross-chain to any wallet. 

It’s been a busy couple months getting ready to launch and then launching the beta. With your help, we found a number of bugs and have had great feedback about the product in general. We really appreciate the partnership in testing. Thank you very much to everyone that has participated!

This is a largish update because of the flurry of issues discovered and fixed since launch. Ongoing updates will be shorter and have less items. 

Here are some of the items that were discovered and dealt with in the first few weeks. 

– Expand more detail around showing the user whats going on during the processing steps 

– Handle deposits and swaps with tokens using 10e18 decimals 

– Resolved slow quote bug 

– Allow disconnecting of a wallet 

– Enable wallet to auto-connect if previously connected 

– Temporarily disabled some chains/tokens that had deposit issues 

– Change the UI for how the chains get switched 

– Added UI to buttons to show processing so people know something is happening 

– Fixed UI issues with ultrawide monitors 

– Update checking and logic for minimum trade amounts 

– Update logic and calculations on the estimate 


Here are some items that we have done in the last couple of weeks to get us ready for the next stage 

– Moved from hosting our own nodes for each chain to a hosted partner solution 

– This simplified us needing to manage each node ourselves 

– Implement an API for the current user access automation 

– Also supports KYC access automation if our partners choose 

– Develop automated deployment pipelines for whitelable partners 

– Expand support to netlify for automated deployment pipelines 

– Develop support and documentation systems for whitelabel partners 

– Implemented process for handling stuck transactions 


Here is what we are working on at the moment:

– Onboarding multiple partners to our white-label solution

– Working through lower level bugs and feedback items

– Rewriting the backend settlement engine

– This will allow us to enable multi-hop swap and unique settlement paths and logic actions during settlement process

To wrap it up…

That last one is huge, currently we only support swapping between pairs that already exist on Mandala/Binance. Multi-hop swaps will mean you can nearly swap from anything to anything on Mandala/Binance as it will find a path through common tokens. e.g. ETH > MDXT is not a current pair and is not an available swap. Multi-hop will deposit ETH, swap to USDT and swap again to MDXT, then withdraw to the wallet of your choice.

The backend of this engine is in testing at the moment and with things looking good we are now moving to connect it to the user interface during the next sprint. Once the UI is connected over the next couple weeks the internal team will then start testing this settlement engine and we expect to have it out within a about a month from now for all beta testers. Initially we will have the settlement engine replaced with the same ability we have now. Then we will add multi-hop swaps.

Our focus is on quality releases, and we will delay major releases and reassess our release schedule as we see fit. We are operating on two week release sprints. This means that we work on backlog items and release at the end of the sprint. Sometimes, you might not see anything released as some tasks take longer than two weeks to develop.

We will stay in beta testing mode for the foreseeable future as we continue to release major updates to our exoSwap platform.


We really appreciate your ongoing input, partnership and patience.


PS! If you are interested in testing the Beta, you can fill out our Beta Form!

Thank you,

The EXO Team