exoexo is the next generation of De-Fi cross-chain swap infrastructure, a community-oriented project changing the way cryptocurrency is traded and providing previously unseen levels of control and flexibility in the hands of investors and projects.



The $EXO token – around which all exo.fi utilities are built – unlocks features across the platform and makes every holder into an exo.fi shareholder, earning them a share of profits from every utility and enabling voting rights on community governance issues. Meanwhile, unique appreciating-pegged tokenomics creates an ever-increasing price floor for the $EXO token, supported by income generated from fees.

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The headline offering of exo.fi
is exoSwap, a multi-chain decentralized
exchange designed to allow cryptocurrency
developers the power to control how
their token is traded




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exoLock is our innovative, NFT-based
flexible token locking system.
Tokens can be locked for a specified period
and allows the community to leverage that
asset to support the growth of their project.


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Continuing with the theme of empowering
new and upcoming developers, exoStart
is a feature-rich launchpad and incubator
service, allowing teams to hold a presale
(if desired) and launch directly onto exoSwap
on the chain of their choice


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The umbrella name for a variety of exo-branded
utilities, exoTools products are aimed at
offering novel functionality to project
developers and enabling greater community
engagement in the cryptocurrency space.


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A decentralized marketplace where developers,
influencers, marketers etc can offer their services,
with a rating system in place for both parties to
give feedback on the other.



exo tokenomicstokenomics

The $EXO token is the governance token around which the entire Exo ecosystem is built. Staking $EXO enables access to the plethora of features on exoSwap, exoStart, exoTools and more, with four different governance tiers that unlock progressively more functionality.

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$EXO has a unique, deflationary price support mechanism, designed to create a price floor for the token which not only stabilises the price, but rises persistently over time.

How it worksworks

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When $EXO is above support

$EXO tokens are minted at the normal rate. Exchange and utility fees are levied and distributed as per the normal fee schedule.

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When $EXO is below support

1/ - $EXO token emission rates are slowed, proportionally according to how far current market price is below the dynamic support price

2/ - An additional 1% burn is levied on sales of $EXO, along with an additional 1% added to $EXO staking rewards

3/ - Fees are either burned, or diverted to buyback and of $EXO tokens (depending on which currency the fees are taken in)

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