Ensure Ultimate Security with ExoLockExoLock

exoLock is our innovative, NFT-based flexible token locking system. Tokens can be locked for a specified period – as with existing token locking services – however with exoLock, the locked funds are represented by an NFT, meaning control of the funds can be transferred to another owner simply by sending the NFTto the new wallet address. This allows ‘vested’ payments to third parties such as influencers, where tokens are transferred but not available to dump on the market for a set period.

Where exoLock’s real game changing utility comes in is when used for locking liquidity. For the first time ever, project developers will be able to access a portion of their token’s locked liquidity for set pre-approved uses either by community governance voting, or by meeting predefined minimum liquidity requirements.

Tokens with sufficient liquidity (or where the community votes to approve it) can transfer part of their liquidity to a pre-approved market-making service, for use on one or more CEX platforms. The team can even apply to use some of the liquidity to assist with the CEX listing fee itself (subject to a vote) or make a custom proposal (for example, for a specific marketing service) for their holders to vote on, executed via the exoMarket/escrow services.

Trading liquidity is an asset that belongs to all holders of that token – exoLock allows the community to leverage that asset to support the growth of their project.


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