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exoSwap Development Updates

exoSwap Development Update Exolites! Time for an update on exoSwap. By now, most of you are probably familiar with the exoSwap collaboration between Mandala Exchange and EXO, but for anyone who may have missed the updates, exoSwap is a hybrid swapping/bridging utility that allows traders to access Mandala’s/Binances order books by connecting their own wallet […]

Introducing exoSwap, A True Cross-Chain Bridge & Swap

Introducing Exolites, it’s time for an update! Thank you all for your patience as we progress through our development. It has been an active month to say the least. We are happy to announce that we have secured a MASSIVE partnership with Binance powered,  Mandala Exchange to roll out an extremely liquid & secure cross […]

Welcome To Exo.

Exo Labs Innovation in the decentralized exchange space has stagnated The Problem The runaway success of the Uniswap model – combined with the unique, open-source nature of blockchain development that makes it easier for new projects to fork and redeploy existing solutions instead of coming up with something new – has stifled creativity and removed […]

Introducing exoSwap

An Introduction to exoSwap The rise of decentralized exchanges has altered the cryptocurrency landscape forever, democratizing the process of releasing a new token and lowering the barriers to entry for new entrants into the space. Anyone with an idea, and the ability to write a token contract, can now launch their project with a relatively […]